COVID-19 in Belarus

Optimal solutions in a situation of uncertainty


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Evidence-based analyses of various issues related to Covid19

updated on June 16


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About the project

Aware of multiple ethical and sociopolitical challenges resulting by the rapid spread of SARS-CoV-2, the BISS team launched the special research-and-policy project 'Covid19. Optimal Solutions in a Situation of Uncertainty.'

The main goals of the project are the following: 1) analysis of various responses to the coronavirus pandemic; 2) assessment of short- and long-term risks entailed by particular responses; 3) making practical recommendations on how best to deal with the pandemic in Belarus; 4) building horizontal solidarity for dealing with the pandemic's consequences in Belarus.

The main focus is on the situation in Belarus, but we also pay much attention to the global context.


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Our experts

Andrei Vitushka

BISS associated expert. Intensive care physician. Doctor of medicine, master of political science. Research interests: health care policy, social aspects of health care.


Andrei Laurukhin

BISS senior analyst. PhD in philosophy. Associate Professor of Sociology Department of Higher School of Economics (S-Petersburg). Research interests: education policy, innovations, human capital


Vadim Mojeiko

BISS analyst, PhD in cultural studies and MA in management. Associate Professor at Belarusian State University of Physical Culture. Research interests: mass and social media, cultural diplomacy, public administration.


Piotr Rudkouski

BISS director. PhD in analytical philosophy. Research interests: value transformations, risk analysis, critical thinking.



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